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Luana Martin, the CEO and founder of this dynamic company" Telestar Marketing" The master of voices and communication and a proven expert in telemarketing. The former Perth Marketing Analyst and Business Advisor has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising, communications and relationship marketing.

“Nearly all my conversations with clients are advising them on how to navigate through the challenges of growth, profit, products and people, and even more importantly how to engage their team to help them sustainably execute around it.”

We have been pioneering a completely new approach to B2B telemarketing since 2000

Luana’s aim in launching Telestar Marketing was to assist businesses in achieving their desired outcomes, helping them grow towards a bigger, better and future through a comprehensive range of telemarketing services.

“Every business needs telemarketing to work alongside your digital marketing and social media. Whether you are growing or maintaining your business, the challenge is to find that friction point of building your internal resources or outsourcing to a team of experts. Make it count.”

Luana and her expert telemarketing team cover all aspects of B2B telemarketing, from initial market research to lead generation and complete campaign management.


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Leeder House, 220 Carr Place

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