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Social Media and Telemarketing Why you can’t have one without the other

When it comes to running a successful marketing campaign for your business, it is important to take a multi-faceted approach to net the best return on investment. 

This is why harnessing the power of social media should be used in conjunction with targeted and personalised customer service through our Perth call centre. 

The old way of thinking was to approach these two marketing strategies as separate entities, but we are becoming increasingly aware of the true potential that can be unlocked when used in tandem. 


In the time-poor world we live in, the convenience of social media beckons to many customers who prefer to flick a message, comment or review to satisfy their customer service needs, as opposed to picking up the phone. 

A staggering 90% of businesses are expected to use social media for customer service by 2020, with customers spending 20 to 40% more with companies who engage and respond to them. 

However, there are areas where social media marketing cannot replace the resounding success of Telestar’s lead generation and conversion abilities. By combining the two, your business can profit from a well-rounded customer service strategy in the following ways:

Personalised service - this is no longer a want, but a need if you are to stay relevant in our digital world. Through social media you can respond to queries using their first name and take the time to solve their query. Through this process, you can provide further support with a follow up call from the centre to show your dedication to their customer service experience. 

Real-time response - today’s consumers expect instant results, with a report by Social Media Today discovering 60% of customers expect a response within an hour of lodging a complaint. Through social media you can provide a quick response to ease the customers mind, to be further supplemented with a personalised phone call to smooth over any issues. 

Warmer leads - through social media, you can build relationships with prospective clients to establish trust before sealing the deal with Telestar’s art of conversation. This will allow you to start your pitch on common ground with a customer who has already engaged with your brand.

Telestar Marketing is a Perth telemarketing company dedicated to helping your business grow.

Our experienced Perth call centre team carefully design and execute tailored telemarketing campaigns to connect your business to your best lead prospects.

As a B2B sales company, Telestar Marketing delivers high quality appointment setting services, helping your business connect with qualified decision makers.

Our lead generation abilities are second to none, with our Perth call centre specialists using tried, tested and proven methods converting business enquiries into sales. 

To kick start your campaign, contact out Perth telemarketing team on (08) 6454 0290 or 0404 039 090.

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