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08 September 2020 Uncategorized

It is said that words account for only 7% of a message. The challenge for telemarketers is getting their point across when they can’t use body language or visuals. 93% of their message must be communicated through the voice. 

This is the reason a phone script is so important. When you do not have to focus on what you are going to say next, you can concentrate on the delivery of your presentation. 

This is actually more important since 55% of what is usually communicated visually must be translated into your voice. In order to most effectively use your voice, you must know how to use your tone, tempo, and volume to your advantage. 


Begin your call by matching your customer’s tone. This will let you connect with your client right away. Even if your customer is monotone, you should match their voice initially. Once you have reached rapport you can change your voice to your desired tone and the customer will follow. 


The same strategy also works when it comes to speed and tempo. Match the customer’s speed and then bring them to the desired speed. Speaking too quickly to someone who talks slowly and methodically can often be confusing. Likewise, talking to slowly can seem monotonous to someone who is very lively. Use your speed to show excitement. Slow down when discussing details to get them across clearly. 


Volume gives clarity and confidence to your message. Match your customer’s volume as well. If you speak too quietly to a confident person they may take control of the conversation. A soft-spoken person may see a loud speaker as controlling which would hinder your ability to connect with them. 

There are two main steps to follow when communicating with a customer:

1.Match their communication style at the beginning. 
2.Then use your tone, tempo, and speed to direct the conversation, show emphasis, and display emotion.