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16 February 2020 Uncategorized

When you get it right, telemarketing can be an incredibly effective sales strategy for your business. Get it wrong, and you risk being branded a generic cold caller by your best lead prospects. Talking the talk isn’t always as easy as it seems, which is why hiring the services of a professional Perth telemarketer is one of the best decisions your business can make when it comes to lead generation. So what separates a great telemarketer from a generic cold caller? And what should you look for when hiring a professional telemarketer?


In reality, a great telemarketer doesn’t just talk prospects into becoming clients – they research potentials before they pitch. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps the telemarketer identify the key influencer to ensure they are pitching to the right person. Secondly, it allows the telemarketer to identify the business’ pain points, ensuring they can adapt their pitch to the specific needs of each prospect. And finally, it allows them to identify any prospects that may not actually suit the services or products on offer – after all, not everyone will be the right fit for your business, just as your business may not be the right fit for every prospect.


Selling a service or product to a complete stranger is no easy task, and potential leads will be quick to disregard generic sales pitches. However, with the right approach, tone, attitude and product knowledge, telemarketing can be an incredibly effective way to generate leads and build business relationships. A professional telemarketer will have impeccable communication skills and an adaptable sales approach – key requirements in building long-lasting business relationships with sales prospects.


Savvy businesses will be quick to pick up on a scripted sales pitch, which is why our Perth telemarketers avoid this sales strategy altogether.  A professional telemarketer won’t rely on a generic script, they will adapt to conversations to suit each individual, remaining reactive to each business’ specific needs. Chances are you’re not the only business selling a similar product or service, so listening and reacting to a prospect’s pain points is key to identifying and explaining why they should pick your product over others.


A great telemarketer won’t just represent your business, they will represent your business with passion and enthusiasm. At Telestar Marketing, our Perth telemarketers will get to know the ins and outs of your business so we can represent the service or product you want to sell in the most informed and positive way possible, ensuring your prospects have the right perception of your business from the get-go.


The final success of any lead generation strategy rests on your ability to convert a lead into a sale. Good telemarketers won’t simply generate leads, they will generate sales. At Telestar Marketing in Perth, our telemarketing team will manage the entire B2B sales cycle from market research to appointment setting, ensuring your business achieves the highest conversion rate possible when it comes to attending an appointment with a qualified lead.


Telestar Marketing is a Perth-based telemarketing company driven by a passion for success in lead generation and sales. Our Perth telemarketers employ tried, tested and proven methods to help your business hit sales targets and build long-lasting relationships with qualified prospects.

Contact our Perth telemarketing team today for individualised sales strategies and lead generation services.