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20 October 2020 Uncategorized

With Christmas lurking around the corner, now is the time that many businesses find themselves winding down in anticipation of the holiday season. 

Telestar Marketing director Luana Martin said while it is easy to slip into the vacation mindset, it is important to look to the future in order to hit the ground running with your marketing campaign in 2021. 

“Businesses should be starting to think about what they are going to do when everyone comes back from holidays, because that is usually quite a busy time for most companies,” she said. 

“Now when it really does start winding down and they have done all they can with their marketing for the year, it is time to remind people to start booking their lead generation campaigns, whether it is telemarketing, advertising or digital marketing.”

Review the year that was

With the stream of incoming work slowing to a trickle, now is the perfect time for marketing managers to take stock of the year that was. 

Did you achieve your targets in 2020? What tactics were effective? What projects didn’t live up to expectations? Has your target market changed? Did you adhere to your budget? Could it have been used more effectively? 

Learning from the accomplishments and failures of your 2020campaign will help to build a more successful campaign in the year to come. 

While quantitative information paints a picture of your highs and lows, Telestar Marketing can gather vital qualitative information directly from your customers and clients to discover exactly what you are doing right and what should be corrected. 

Our customer care telemarketing service includes well-structured and targeted calls to reduce attrition, maximise hidden potential and enhance revenue per customer.

Avoid any misfires

Once you have completed a thorough evaluation, it is time to set your sights on your marketing strategy for 2021. 

When you have a solid plan in place, you can return to your desk in the new year with a solid plan of action, rather than scrambling to catch up with your competitors in the vital first quarter. 

“I have clients at the moment who are already booking for next year because they know January is such an important time for their business,” Luana said. 

“They don’t want to be missing out and hearing that we are booked out and that we can’t take them on.” 

Jump the gun

Having staff return to work with empty schedules will put you on the back foot at the start of the new year. 

Perth telemarketing company Telestar Marketing will help your business avoid a loss in productivity with our appointment setting services. 

Specialising in B2B appointment setting, our team will ensure your consultants sit down with senior decision makers in blue chip companies, allowing them to start the year on the right track with high quality leads. 

Allow us to learn the ins and outs of your business

It takes a number of weeks to plan a campaign properly, which is why getting the wheels in motion at the end of the year is the key to driving a successful lead generation campaign in the new year. 

A well-thought out plan is more likely to appeal to your potential customers and will allow our Perth telemarketing team to be better prepared in selling your business, product or service to your target audience. 

“It is all about planning,” Luana said.

“Sometimes companies think we can drop everything and start a campaign for them, whereas as we tell our clients it is important to plan it first, so we are all ready to go instead of pulling something together at the last minute.” 

Make the most of festive cheer

With many people away on holidays into January, Telestar’s lead generation services are likely to be more effective, as our operators are more likely to reach the decision makers directly rather than be fielded by other gatekeepers.

This also happens to be the perfect time to capitalise on your potential clients’ good mood courtesy of the well-deserved break. Unlike the short-tempers rife at the end of a stressful year, those contacted after a fresh start tend to be more receptive and optimistic.    

Book in your lead generation campaign with the Perth telemarketing experts

Perth telemarketing company Telestar marketing use tried and tested lead generation strategies to give your business the best opportunity to convert and win new business. 

Our customers are our first priority, which means our team of expert Perth telemarketers go over and above to fulfil your needs and find innovative ways to create value and bolster your marketing efforts. 

“Every business needs telemarketing to work alongside your digital marketing and social media,” Luana said. 

“Whether you are growing or maintaining your business, the challenge is to find that friction point of building your internal resources or outsourcing to a team of experts. Make it count.”

Telestar Marketing covers all aspects of B2B telemarketing, from initial market research to lead generation and complete campaign management.

Discover what our Perth telemarketing company can do for you by calling (08) 6454 0290 or 0404 039 090. 

Alternatively, send us an email at