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12 October 2020 Uncategorized

With today’s emphasis on digital marketing, many believe that cold calling is a dying art. However, when executed with the right approach and attitude by experienced telemarketers, cold calling is an effective method for landing new sales and clients. If cold calling appears to be unsuccessful in helping your business grow, this could be due to the cold calling methods used rather than the cold calls themselves. Here are some of the most common cold calling mistakes to avoid, as well as the benefits of cold calling when delivered by professional Perth telemarketers. 

The benefits of cold calling when done properly

Contrary to popular belief, cold calling isn’t a method that can be undertaken by anyone. It requires specific strengths, such as impeccable people skills, an articulate manner of speaking, and the ability to handle a high volume of calls every day. When your business has sourced experienced telemarketers to handle your cold calling, it can reap a world of benefits. 

The main benefit of cold calling is that it offers direct human contact, which can be a breath of fresh air in the age of online advertising and social media. Therefore, in addition to helping your business generate leads and land sales for your products and services, cold calling allows you to establish valuable contacts to help your business grow. Another main benefit of cold calling is that it elicits an immediate response from prospects, meaning telemarketers can receive instant feedback and accordingly adapt their approach to improve the possibility of generating leads. 

Common cold calling mistakes

You sound like a cold caller

Nothing will deter a prospect like being treated as a number rather than an individual; this is why sounding like a stereotypical cold caller is a common telemarketing mistake. A skilled, experienced telemarketer understands the importance of natural, genuine conversation, meaning following a script is generally discouraged. By using a script, cold callers are assuming what the customer wants and failing to genuinely listen. 

In order to avoid sounding like a scripted cold caller, the telemarketer should adopt a natural, personalised approach. This means asking thoughtful questions and listening to the prospect’s views without interruption. It is a good idea for the telemarketer to have notes with them about the lead and the product or service, rather than a generic script.

You’re not targeting the right prospects 

Research is key to targeting the right prospects and optimising every cold call. By gathering key information, the telemarketer is more likely to deliver calls that hold the prospect’s attention and are valuable to both parties. A lack of research will also make the caller appear selfish and scripted.

In order to target the right prospects, your business needs to know your customers; this can be done through market research. Skilled Perth telemarketers will do this by researching the customers and market space to ensure they are identifying and maximising the best sales opportunities.

You’re going straight for the sale

Going straight for the sale is another common cold calling mistake. A skilled cold caller knows that telemarketing is about more than sales; it’s about building long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial and essential for achieving long-term goals. Therefore, getting the word out about the business’s product or service shouldn’t be seen as the be-all and end-all of cold calling. 

A solution to this problem is by setting realistic goals, such as appointment setting. Appointment setting is an important step in landing new sales and clients and accelerating the process of business negotiations, meaning it shouldn’t be underestimated as a telemarketing goal.

Professional cold calling with Telestar Marketing

Telestar Marketing is Perth’s most trusted telemarketing company. Our experienced Perth telemarketers use a natural, personalised approach to help your business grow and develop relationships. Whether your business requires experts in cold calling, appointment setting or lead generation, our Perth telemarketing company has got you covered. To find out more about our telemarketing solutions, contact Telestar Marketing through our website or call (08) 6444 1747.